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DO's and DONT's


Report the Accident to Police and the Insurance Company immediately
Elicit information from the other drivers and all potential witnesses
Police Report must ALWAYS be demanded to properly document the accident
Obtain Medical Care and Assistance immediately
Record all names, addresses and phone numbers of the drivers
Take pictures of the accident scene, all injuries, your hospital stay, and recovery period

Check the policies of all individuals involved in the accident to maximize coverage
Log and keep track of all conversations with drivers, adjusters and insurance agents
Advice from your doctors and medical care providers MUST be strictly followed
Injuries MUST be promptly reported without Exaggeration
Make a call to your employer as soon as possible about your condition
Save receipts to document all your medical bills and expenses


Say or give statements to the driver or insurance companies
Take or accept a settlement offer without first consulting an attorney
Offer to give a statement to anyone as to what happened except to the police or your attorney
Payments for FULL or FINAL settlement should NEVER be accepted or cashed

Never give a recorded statement without the presence of your attorney
Offer to sign anything-ALWAYS REFUSE!
Waivers and releases should never be signed

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