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In any divorce, very serious issues will be decided that may affect the rest of your life. All divorces involving minor children must address (at minimum) the following:

1. Custody and Visitation 2. Child Support
3. Spousal Support 4. Division of Property
5. Medical Care 6. Restraining Orders
7. Attorney's Fees 8. Payment of Debts

These issues are likely to be decided soon after the initial filing at the Temporary Order proceedings. Although temporary, these orders are often difficult to change once established by the Judge until trial. In some cases, it will take up to a year before a trial can be heard. That is why you need an attorney who can defend your interests fully. We will protect your best interests at all times. We are committed to faithfully defending your legal rights to both your children and property during these troubling times.

Our fees depend on the facts and circumstances of your individual case, but payment arrangements are available, and we believe you will find our fees to be reasonable and competitive. If we can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. The earlier you retain a lawyer to assist you, the more time your lawyer has to construct an informed and well-planned strategy to protect your legal rights.

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