We would like to offer our services to assist you in obtaining a fair settlement from the insurance company, whom may have already told you not to retain an attorney. It is likely they have already told you that they will work the best possible settlement on your behalf without the necessity of an attorney. They may also ask you to provide a recorded statement. I would recommend you DO NOT agree to such a statement without first consulting an attorney. Such statements can be crippling to your case if you do choose to pursue your claim or otherwise litigate your case in court, rather than accept the insurance company's minimal offer.

Don't let the insurance adjuster fool you! They work for the insurance company and their job security depends on their ability to minimize claim settlements for the insurance company's bottom line. The insurance company has trained, experienced adjusters and attorneys working for their best interests, and so should you! Our attorneys can level the playing field so you can get the money you truly deserve.

Consultation is of no charge to you, and there is no fee unless we recover for your losses. If we can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact our office to discuss your case. The earlier you retain an attorney to assist you, the more time your attorney has to construct the best legal strategy to maximize your recovery!

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